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Design—it’s what we do best …

At Midfeather we aim to create beautiful, suitable, sustainable gardens for you.

We want to create gardens which surprise and delight you; gardens which fit in with the way you and your family live—an entertaining space, a play space, a nature space—whatever you need; gardens which are easy to maintain, simple, classic, uncomplicated.

Our staff are based in Worcestershire and Shropshire.
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From initial concepts, through design and specifications, project management, build, and planting, Midfeather can do it all.
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If you’d like Midfeather Garden Design to create a beautiful, suitable, sustainable garden for you, please get in touch so we can discuss your wishes and requirements.

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  • Phone us on 07929 865 871
  • Write to us at:
    Midfeather Garden Design
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    WR13 6BU

Featured Garden

Garden Image

A little bit of the exotic, to cheer up a dull November day. Take a look at the tranformation of a hilltop courtyard……

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  • Marram Grass and Spring Squill

    Marram Grass and Spring Squill
    It is hard to say which of the two is more dominant in this almost symbiotic relationship.
  • Red Deer and Guillemot

    Red Deer and Guillemot
    We took photos from a distance, expecting it to run away as we approached. But it stayed put and we were able to get excellent close-ups.
  • Western Hemlock and Wood Sorrel

    Western Hemlock and Wood Sorrel
    This magnificent conifer was introduced to Britain from North America in the 1800’s, mainly for its ornamental value but also for commercial use.

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